Why do you shoot?

Why do you shoot?

I've always had an interest in firearms. I can recall my first BB gun, and then the progression to shooting rifles and shotguns as a youth and Boy Scout. I joined the military and carried an M4 for a living.

Compared to most, I was gifted with Rifles and Carbines. I always qualified "Expert" in the Army, and rarely missed a shot. perhaps because of this, I never felt the need to train as often or develop my skills.

When I moved to Fort Hood and got to work with a 20+ year military and law enforcement veteran who was deep in the gun game, I started shooting recreationally with him and moved more into the realm of handguns. I was good with handguns, but he was always a little bit better. I began shooting more and more regularly out of competitive nature, but also because I enjoyed the camaraderie experienced with friends on a range and the mental escape from the stresses of the outside world.

Think about this: When you're on a range, you're focused on hitting a target. A paper target, steel target, pop-up target, it doesn't matter. You have a clear and defined objective. Shooting allowed me to focus on a goal and work to achieve the goal.

I think there is a good lesson here about life, business, relationships, and anything really. Set a goal, zero in on it, and make it happen. An oversimplification, perhaps but the concept is true.

I shoot because It's something that I enjoy doing. I also shoot because it helps me put into perspective what my actual goals and objectives are, and work out a plan to knock them out.

Why do you shoot?


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