EDC Gear Key Holder

ORO Tactical

The EDC Gear Key Holder organizes your keys and keep them neat while protecting your pockets from key damage. Stylish compact and convenient.


Main Features:

COMPACT KEY HOLDER AND KEYCHAIN ORGANIZER- our smart key holder is manufactured using the highest quality materials with the highest quality standards.  The frame is made of significantly high impact resistant material ZINC ALLOY.
YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT- mess of keys, holes in your pockets, noisy key jingle; This key holder will keep every key in your life on track and in order; designed to fit perfectly in your pocket holding up to 20 keys or accessories.
EASY TO ASSEMBLY AND SECURE- no costume keys needed; a coin is all you need to assemble and modify. Strong & light, with anti-loosening washers  added to the screws to prevent your keys from falling,  safely keeping all your keys together.
Available in Black, Green, Orange, and Red

Collections: Tactical Gear

Type: Tactical

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